Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

Rainbow over The Falls

Churning Waters Below Falls

Chad, Rebekah, Chase & Grace

Karen all bundled up

Water above the falls filled with
chunks of ice.

Trees covered with ice, in the background,
from the mist of the falls

Chase loves the snow (or snowballs, as he called it)


Grampa trying to stay warm

On The Slopes

On the slopes

Grampa & Chase ready to go down.
Gramma & Chase coming up the hill
Rebekah & Chase going down

Chad & Chase ready to go down
It is like sitting on the beach,

Just a little colder,

A few more clothes,

It is white and melts in your hands.
Chase having a blast
Gramma going down the slope

Gramma crashed!
Little Grace all bundled up
Mother & Son on her back going down

Family Time

Chad wanted snow when he got to
Canada. His philosophy is that if it is
going to be cold, it might as well be
really cold and lots of snow.

So, instead of digging in warm sand, he
got to blow lots of cold white snow.

I think that he actually enjoyed it.

That's one way to get your cheeks pinched.
I don't know what is the other!

Aunt Kim & Grace.

Uncle Dave & Chase

Chase exercising

Great Cousin Rebecca & Grace

Gramma sees potential.
She says; Chase got the touch

Aren't these boots a little big?

Uncle Dennis, Aunt Sue, Rebekah & Grace

Aunt Kathie & Grace

Great Grandmothers

Here are a few pics with the Great Grandmothers
with their Great GrandChildren

Greatgrandmother S & Grace

Greatgrandmother B & Grace

Greatgrandmother B, Rebekah,
Chase & Grace

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Canada in the Snow

From one extreme to the other

From warm Beach to cold Snow

Grampa & Chase
Rebekah & Grace & Chase
Chase almost buried

Great Grandma with Grace

Also in picture our one-of-a-kind Sister-in-law.
Chad and daughter

Final day at the Beach

Our last opportunity this winter to be
at the beach.

at the ocean
building a sand slide
here he goes
let`s try it again

Chase at Grampa & Gramma Home

Staying with Grampa & Gramma

help Grampa Fix something
Blowing up the ball
Kicking the ball to Gramma
Gramma & Chase on scooter
Chase and tricycle
an exausted little boy

and what about Gramma